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Customer Testimonials

MTS Welding is dedicated to customer service & quality welding. If this a your first time on our site, read a few reviews from MTS Customers.
My story: I inherited a hinge problem with a home I bought. The hinge had been abused and the hardware had been detached from the hinge. The metal was not steel and it was brass plated also. A number of welders said it could not be repaired. My partner said he thought a "good welder who knew what he was doing could restore the hinge"..well I found him. MTS Welding , Bob Sheneman is the expert welder who saved me significantly. I cannot express my respect for the professionalism, knowledge and care given to my sensitive, and delicate problem.

Thank you so much for "top gun" service!! I can't wait to go back to the 5 different experts who analyzed my problem. One glass business told me to chuck the entire project and buy a new bath enclosure!!!! for $3,000! He said no one could restore the fancy - high end hinge!!!! MTS did!
""Are you a past customer of MTS. Let us know how we did.""